Relo Blues No More!


Oh man, I just moved a few months ago. I got a killer deal on my new place unfortunately, packing the boxes, hiring a moving company and doing everything in reverse on the other end is tricky….especially when you are trying to work and keep up with family life.

I was smart this last move because I started packing a month in advance. It is amazing how many things in my household I found I was able to live without. For example, any old school books or books I had already read could go into boxes. As the weeks got closer, I also found that I could move the kitchen utensils into boxes.

I felt like the last few days before moving should resemble camping more than living. So, that is what I did. By the last week, I was eating off of plastic dishes and only used non-disposable items when doing the actual cooking.

I cleared a front area in my home (formal dining) to accommodate all of the boxes. I labeled and sealed the boxes so that the movers would be able to grab them easily with a hand truck and load them.

One of the mistakes I made was in the garage. I just didn’t pay much attention to it, and I found that I really should have cleared all of the shelves well before the move and put them in the dining area. I think that the problem was that I felt like the garage stuff shouldn’t be under air.  I don’t know why I felt that way, I think it was most likely just a personal preference. However, I am sure I could had made room in the garage for the items.

Anyways, the movers had their work cut out for them when they got to the garage. It really slowed them down because the items were lose and scattered and the guys had to pack stuff one at a time. It slowed us down on the front of the move and the back of the move.

I really wish I would have done something to make the garage more move friendly. It really was the little things that slowed us down like the pieces of the blower, the car detailing products etc. It stinks when you see a mover carrying a blower in one hand and a can of turtle wax in another hand. You realize that there is no efficiency to it.

Then of course all of the little hand towels, wrenches (and other tools) that I kind of just left scattered. Ugh. Make sure you have enough boxes too. I made several runs to the local storage/moving company to buy more. The best part is that often, the moving supplies companies will allow you to return the items you didn’t use as long as you didn’t break the small seal on the side of the box or plastic wrap etc.