When vacation travel leads to finding your new place in the world!

When vacation travel leads to finding your new place in the world!

A vacation is the much needed and sought after time that everyone looks forward to. Kids love to get away from their daily routines, adults love to do away with the chores and the usual grind for a few days. Everyone, regardless of age and what one does, deserves a vacation. It could be a week, a fortnight or a month and it could be anywhere. From unwinding to rejuvenating oneself, finding comfort to having a gala time, a vacation can do a lot of things. In some cases, a vacation or traveling can lead one to finding a new place in the world.

Moving to a new place is usually ebbed by a change in job, business, when someone gets married, higher education, medical grounds, family compulsions and in some cases personal reasons. But in a few cases, moving to a new place can be ebbed by the very place where you have vacationed.

There are countless stories of people finding their ideal place in the world while they are on a vacation. Hawaii is a great example. Some people loved Hawaii so much on their first vacation there that they moved to the islands. Some got jobs, some moved after retirement and some simply opened up a restaurant or some business. But moving to a new place after being in awe of it during vacation travel isn’t always a great move. Many people who moved to Hawaii did not realize the high costs of living and many did not have their ventures pan out as they expected. So, moving to a new place or the ideal place may not always be the glimmering silver lining.

People often find their new place in the world while vacationing abroad. There are many expats living in the Caribbean, South East Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand, there are many who have moved to India and some rich westerners have got themselves a place in Dubai and the northern Mediterranean coast.

A vacation isn’t always a way to unwind or to have some fun. At times, vacation travel can lead to finding oneself, realizing what one truly wants and one can fall in love with a place that might just pave the way to a fruitful, satiating or fulfilling life. The trick is to be welcoming of changes and to make an informed decision before moving to a new place.